Wish and pen grants wishes

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Anyone who successfully tries this should have faith. It’s just a pen.” “This pen was given to me by a witch several years ago; she told me that it would grant me three wishes.

The way the pen works is that you have to write down the wishes and don’t get me wrong they do come true, but you must be very careful about how you wish for them.

Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

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Grants Wishes, Anaheim, CA, United States. likes. We grant 2nd wishes to kids who relapse with cancer. It’s just a pen.” “This pen was given to me by a witch several years ago; she told me that it would grant me three wishes.

The way the pen works is that you have to write down the wishes and don’t get me wrong they do come true, but you must be very careful about how you wish for them.

Wish and pen grants wishes
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