Sing spell read and write alphabet sing

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Preschool Homeschooling Curriculum

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Thai alphabet

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Preschool Homeschooling Curriculum

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Practise the sounds of the alphabet. Listen to the sounds. What letter of the alphabet sounds like this? Watch out for the snake! Sing-Along Songs That Teach. Using this classroom tested multi-sensory method, even preschool age and special needs children can easily learn to identify numbers, shapes, and spell sight words by listening to music and moving with the motions!

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Sing and Spell is an animated, musical program that teaches pre-readers and English Language Learners alphabet letter basics through lessons and fun songs! Teacher Miss Cathy explains each letter sound, introduces vocabulary and encourages practice while our lively characters sing fun, catchy tunes!

Considering the approach, ease of use, content, child-appeal, benefits, effectiveness and cost of all the phonics programs we were familiar with, Sing, Spell, Read & Write was our choice for personal use.

We have used several programs and read about many others. Lao script or Akson Lao (Lao: ອັກສອນລາວ [ʔáksɔ̌ːn láːw]) is the primary script used to write the Lao language and other minority languages in.

Lao alphabet

SING, SPELL, READ, AND WRITE (SSRW) from Pearson Publishing has the same basic set up with the Preschool Kit covering the Alphabet and letter sounds but it also includes shapes, colors, visual discrimination, matching, opposites, classification, story sequence, coloring, tracing, letter recognition, letter sounds, auditory discrimination, and oral vocabulary development.

Sing spell read and write alphabet sing
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