Securities underwriting and dealing subsidiaries

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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

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Securities Underwriting and Dealing Subsidiaries

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The Securities Exchange Act of thus defines a dealer as "any person engaged in the business of buying and selling securities for his own account, through a broker or otherwise." So the short answer is, anyone who buys and sells securities (stocks) for their own behalf is "dealing in securities.".

securities underwriting and dealing, as long as the subsidiary generates no more than 10 percent of its gross revenue from ineligible securities.

The subsidiary’s activities must also be considered closely related to banking. underwriting subsidiaries either before approving their underwriting and.

Return to contents. Recommendation by Recommendation Assessment of Observance Recommendation 1: Legal Framework. Securities settlement systems should have a well-founded, clear, and transparent legal basis in the relevant jurisdictions.

The Board’s orders meant Glass–Steagall did not prevent commercial banks from affiliating with securities firms underwriting and dealing in “bank-ineligible securities,” so long as the activity was “executed in a separate subsidiary and limited in amount.”.

"convertible debt securities" debt securities convertible into or exchangeable for equity securities, and debt securities with non-detachable options, warrants or similar rights to subscribe for or purchase equity securities attached.

The Canadian Securities Administrators (the CSA or we) are publishing for a day comment period.

Securities underwriting and dealing subsidiaries
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