Roswell crash alien writing and symbols

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UFO video documentaries - military and pilot UFO sightings

The war between the Law of One and the Constraints of Belial would need through the rest of this century. They are not sapient. Roswell UFO Hieroglyphs. It’s been long rumoured that hieroglyphic symbols were seen on the debris of the Roswell UFO crash. I was lucky enough to attend a recent Roswell panel at Alien Con, where this rumour turned into fact (at least, for me).

The grandchildren of Major General Jesse Marcel, the man who oversaw the cleanup of the debris from the crash. The FBI just evacuated the National Solar Laboratory and other areas near Roswell and nobody knows why. September 13, ; Elementary school teacher decides after many years to finally release photo of UFO he sighted near Laredo, Texas September 11, ; Yes Virginia, there really is a “Deep State” – and this week’s NYT Op-Ed openly (but accidentally) revealed it.

Dec 11,  · Watch video · Despite the crashes taking place 33 years apart UFO hunters claim to have found almost identical symbols in debris from the alleged Roswell UFO crash site in New Mexico, US, inwhich match. Note: Among the UFO cases presented in this documentary, is the one by flight Japan Airlines JAL over Alaska in The Japanese pilot Captain Terauchi lost his flying status for reporting the incident to the public, but 15 years later, the story was corroborated by John Callahan, retired Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA.

Stunning New Briefings: Mass Indictments, Targeted Arrests and Disclosure

Update Mar 3rd ~ Over the years, since I first started writing this very strange blog, I have at different times and in different ways, stated that “the story isn’t over”. This was never just a way to avoid ending it.

It was rather that throughout all of it, this has been the feeling – that I was in the middle of some unfolding thing, and that in time, the story was going to. SEKRET MACHINES. The apparent mis-spelling of the word “secret” in the above tweet is a nod to DeLonge’s co-authored, two-part book series entitled Sekret Machines.

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Roswell crash alien writing and symbols
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