Meaning and scope of public administration

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Public Administration by Pardeep Sachdeva, Hoshiar Singh

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Administrative law

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According to Paul H. Appleby the public administration is different from private administration in three important aspects, the first is the political character, secondly the breadth of scope, impact and consideration and public accountability. These differences seem very fundamental and very valid in the Iight of our own exploration of the subject in previous articles.

sphere with which it is concerned. Administration is commonly divided into two types, Public and Private Administration. As an aspect of government activity it has existed since the emergence of political. Explain the Meaning, Scope and Significance of Public Administration, Public and Private Administration, Evolution of the discipline and its present status Public Administration Answer the following question.

Meaning, Scope and Significance of Public Administration, Public and Private administration, Wilson's vision of Public administrations, Evolution of the discipline and its present status. 2. New Public Administration concept of New Public Management, Good Governance, Concept and application, Ethics and Administration.

3. The public service is designed to make sure that an activity will be carried out on a permanent basis since it is considered essential for the public good: it is outside the scope of free enterprise since it stems not from private initiative but from the will of the public authorities.

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Meaning and scope of public administration
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