Land and navigation

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Land Rover

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Land navigation is a basic Soldier skill and one that is perishable. The course contains 40 points throughout the uneven woodland.

Soldiers had to find three out of four assigned points in two hours in order to complete the day portion of the training and the same during night portion of the navigation.

Land Navigation Lesson Plan. Goal: For participants to understand and have experience with the 3 keys of land navigation. locate specific points on the land navigation course, per the student handout. (FMST-FPa) Without the aid of references, given a description, identify the methods used to orient a military map, per the student handout.

(FMST-FPb) THE MAP. land navigation course is in training area 13 with a few points in Rogers DZ, training area This is amap – the map that Cadets will receive and use during the land navigation testing.

3 MARSEILLES TRAINING CENTER INTERMEDIATE LAND NAVIGATION COURSE AREA STUDENT INSTRUCTION SHEET COURSE REQUIREMENTS: TASK: Navigate over hilly and wooded terrain between points while dismounted. Land navigation, or orienteering, is the military term for the study of traversing through unfamiliar terrain by foot or in a land vehicle.

Land and navigation
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