Jackie robinson baseball player and civil

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Jackie Robinson

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42 Facts About Jackie Robinson

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Jackie's day a fitting backdrop for Civil Rights Game

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Jackie Robinson: Baseball Legend & Civil Rights Advocate

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Jackie Robinson Day

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Baseball player And Civil Rights Activist? By: Moni Swed Thesis Paper Jackie Robinson, an icon, a civil rights activist, a political leader, a man who helped change American society. Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31st, and died October 24, It was worn Wednesday by every single player in the big leagues, as Jackie Robinson Day was celebrated all over, including by Robinson's former Dodgers club as it hosted Seattle in a special Civil Rights Game to honor this occasion.

Jackie Robinson (January 31, October 24, ) was the first black athlete to play Major League Baseball in the 20th century, signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers in Throughout his decade-long career, Robinson distinguished himself as a talented player, with.

Jackie Robinson Words | 9 Pages. OL1 November 30, Jackie Robinson Robinson, Jackie (January 31, – October 24, ) baseball player, civil rights activist was born in Cairo, Georgia the youngest of five children.

Aug 21,  · Jackie Robinson’s debut in organized baseball (April 18,with the Montreal Royals of the International League, the Dodgers’ best farm club) is now a legend.

Aug 21,  · Jackie Robinson made history in when he broke baseball’s color barrier to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. A talented and versatile player, Robinson won the National League Rookie of the Year.

Jackie robinson baseball player and civil
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