Investment and criteria

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We consider the below key criteria when evaluating partnerships and investment. Investment Criteria The following criteria are considered in the initial screening of a proposal: Must be located in New York City, with special priority for projects targeted to economically distressed communities across the five boroughs.


investment focus and criteria Because of our backgrounds, we have a core strength and focus on consolidation strategies in fragmented industries. The principals at Capital Alignment Partners have led over 20 consolidation plays in multiple industries and economic cycles. Investment Criteria 4.A Glance at Actual Capital Budgeting Practices. Learning Objectives 1. Understand how to identify the sources and types of profitable investment opportunities. 2. Evaluate investment opportunities using net present value and describe why net present value provides the best.

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How We Are Different. CIG Private Equity is flexible and can invest in a number of situations, including family-owned company transitions, private transactions, corporate divestitures, private equity exits, capital constrained or underperforming companies, and special situations.

When Opportunity Knocks, We Answer. Merlone Geier Partners is focused exclusively on actively managing the acquisition, development, redevelopment and ownership of retail and retail-driven mixed-use properties on the West Coast.

Investment and criteria
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