Importance of reading and writing about literature

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Descriptive Writing

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Why Our Students Study Literature Worlds of Hungarian Writing: National Literature as Intercultural Exchange (): András Kiséry, Zsolt Komáromy, Zsuzsanna Varga, Júlia. Jun 24,  · Reading is especially important for writers, which was Stephanie Vanderslice's point.

But it's important for everybody else too. In fact, reading may be one of the most human of all activities. But the study of literature, which involves reading, writing, thinking and discussion, contains important elements that can actually help students in their professional endeavors.

Importance Of Literature

Through close reading, students develop a more sophisticated vocabulary. 17 Writers On The Importance Of Reading From her speech "Literature is Freedom." 3.

From her book On Writing. 5. Getty Images / iStockphoto Eyecandy Images From Life magazine, 6. Scaffolding the reading by using effective strategies for pre- during, and after reading, such as: previewing text, reading for a purpose, making predictions and connections, think alouds, and using graphic organizers will support all our students, and not just struggling readers and English learners.

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Importance of reading and writing about literature
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Importance Of Studying Literature