Healthcare technology and big data

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The global big data in healthcare market was estimated to be worth $ billion inand is expected to grow over $ billion bydriven by growing adoption of cloud storage and analytics, large scale government initiatives to promote data driven innovation, and growing demand for wearables, and mhealth applications among consumers.

How will big data affect healthcare? WullianallurRaghupathi, Professor of the Graduate School of Business at Fordham University, has stated that big data is shaping the healthcare industry in promising wowinternetdirectory.comr, there are also some major limitations that need to be addressed. How Big Data Will Unlock the Potential of Healthcare Data is driving the future of business, and any company not prepared for this transformation is at risk of being left behind.

Transforming Healthcare Through Big Data

This is a reality in almost every sector, but it’s especially relevant to companies in the healthcare industry. The article provides tips for how healthcare facilities can make sense of big data and includes insights from experts on what other changes are in store.

In addition to the cover story, the latest BI&T includes a roundtable discussion on best practices in preventive maintenance, a hot topic in healthcare technology.

Transforming Healthcare Through Big Data

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One challenge presented by big data is the question of where all the generated healthcare information is going to reside. The problem of storage is a very real one, especially in an industry that’s governed by compliance regulations and strict legal boundaries.

Healthcare technology and big data
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