Forest and wildlife resources

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Forest and Wildlife Resources – Chapter 2 Geography Class 10 NCERT Solutions

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Discover educational content to help you manage your forest regarding pest and disease control Discover resources to help you control wildlife nuisances and. Study Material and Notes of Ch 2 Forest and Wildlife Resources Class 10th Geography. Explain Forest and Wildlife Resources.


Forest: Forests are large uncultivated self maintained wooded tracts dominated by trees forming a nearly closed canopy. Besides trees, the forests possess shrubs, climbers, herbs, herbivores, carnivores, saprophytes and.

Reserved Forests: As far as the conservation of forest and wildlife resources are concerned, these are believed to be most valuable. Hence, known as the reserved forests. It covers half of the total forest. Ans.

Wildlife of India

Protecting the forest and wildlife helps in spreading the ecological diversity and preserves our life support systems like food, water and air. It also preserves the genetic diversity of plants and animals for better growth of species and breeding.

This lesson includes a section on biodiversity and further contains the categories of existing plants and animals species as per IUCN.

It also has a brief description about the negative factors that cause depletion of flora and fauna, consequences of that and conservation of forest and wildlife in India.

Forest and wildlife resources
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Forest and Wildlife Resources - Chapter 2 Geography Class 10 NCERT Solutions - Amit Sengupta