Distinguish between a liability and a

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Difference Between Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

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Difference Between Liability and Equity

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Difference Between Assets and Liabilities

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Limited Liability Partnership is a form of business operation which combines the features of a partnership and a body corporate.

The partnership is governed by the Indian Partnership Act, On the contrary, Limited Liability Partnership Act, governs LLP in India. The primary difference between partnership and limited liability partnership is that partners are joints or severally liable for the acts of the partners and the firm, in a partnership.

On the other hand, in case of limited liability partnership, the partners are not held responsible for the acts of other partners. Difference Between Assets and Liabilities December 8, By Surbhi S Leave a Comment In business and accounting terminology, you might have heard the terms, assets, and liabilities, quite often.

Distinguish between ordinary negligence and gross negligence within the context of the CPAs' work. Ordinary negligence, is when a party acts fails to exercise the degree of care that a reasonably prudent person would have used under similar circumstances. Difference Between Liability and Equity • Both liabilities and equity are important components in a firm’s balanced sheet.

• The accounting equation shows that the equity (or capital) in a firm is equal to the difference between the value of its assets and liabilities. The difference between Strict and Absolute liability was clearly mentioned by the Supreme Court in wowinternetdirectory.com wowinternetdirectory.com of India, where the court summarised it broadly as follows.

In Absolute Liability only those enterprises shall be held liable which are involved in hazardous or inherently dangerous activities.; The escape of a dangerous thing from one’s own land is not necessary.

Distinguish between a liability and a
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