Depreciation and corn

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Corn Belt Power extends Basin Electric contract to 2075

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Rising Corn Prices Hurt Ethanol Profits

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How To Determine Your Cost of Production

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Depreciation is a concept introduced by accountants to recognize the decline in the value of assets over their estimated useful lives.

Most farm equipment will have a five-year life for tax purposes. However, some farm assets (like fencing and grain bins) have seven-year lives. Roger McEowen: Depreciation Schedules for Newly Acquired Farms December 8, NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) RFD-TV’s Market Day Report hosts a weekly interview with Roger McEowen, Professor of Agricultural Law and Taxation at the Washburn University School of Law, and an affiliate with the Kansas Farm Bureau.

The corn plant also uses its roots to acquire moisture and nutrients to build the dry matter. Therefore the more sunlight a corn plant can intercept and the more nutrients and water it can aquire, equates to more optimal grain fill and therefore higher yield potential.

New depreciation rules for November 14, ; Admin Login. A commodity is a type of asset that has been standardized such that each unit is indistinguishable from another. There are well defined commodities - I.e. Brent / WTI / corn / copper / coal / iron ore, etc that are traded as futures on financial.

Depreciation is a concept introduced by accountants to recognize the decline in the value of assets over their estimated useful lives. Most farm equipment will have a five-year life for tax purposes. However, some farm assets (like fencing and grain bins) have seven-year lives.

This means that, in addition to cash costs and depreciation, opportunity costs are included. An opportunity cost represents the income that could have been earned if an input was sold or rented to someone else. Using the Purdue crop budgets, the estimated breakeven price to cover all costs for corn ranged from $ for high-productivity.

Depreciation and corn
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