Decolorization and chemical oxygen demand reduction

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As strong as the conditions are, the COD test still does not completely oxidize all organic compounds. Thus it may miss some of the potential oxygen demand - from some ring compounds, for example. PetroSorb GXK. Extruded microporous carbon with exceptional hardness and durability, effective in the cyclic adsorption and desorption the primary constituents of air, allowing the concentration of process gases such as hydrogen and oxygen at site.

Photocatalytic decolorization of reactive black 5 dye in aqueous TiO2/ZnO of changes in absorption spectra and reduction in chemical oxygen demand (COD). Various process parameters such as catalyst dose, pH, and dye initial The decolorization was found to be highest at pH 3 as shown in Figure 5.

Textile dyes have been used since the Bronze Age. They also constitute a prototype 21st-century speciality chemicals market.

Effluent and soil samples were collected from textile industry at Surat.

The pH, temperature, BOD, COD, Nitrate and Nitrite values were compared with the values given by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The culture medium was designed and standardized in the laboratory.

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Abstract. The performance of raw bagasse (RB), and tartaric acid-modified bagasse (TAMB) as adsorbents on decolorization and chemical oxygen demand (COD) reduction of methylene blue (MB) aqueous solution was studied.

Decolorization and chemical oxygen demand reduction
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