Communication and facial expressions

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Facial expression

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Body Language and Facial Expressions

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What Are Facial Expressions?

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Even our smart phone has facial expressions – The Era of Emoji J In today’s world, much of our communication takes place via electronic methods, like email and text messages. Yet even through and with communications via electronic devices in whatever format, we find the right facial emoji character to describe our feelings.

The Micro Expressions Book for Business: How to read facial expressions for more effective negotiations, sales and recruitment [Kasia Wezowski, Patryk Wezowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Imagine that from the first moment of a conversation you can see which emotions a person feels. This person's facial expressions will reveal you all the necessary information. Facial expressions are one of the primary aspects of nonverbal communication.

People often adopt facial expressions based on the social situations they experience around them. One of the most effective ways to learn how to recognize facial expressions is to first understand how micro-expressions work. Facial expressions comprise a considerable amount of nonverbal communication.

With our 80 facial muscles we can create more than 7, facial expressions. It is one of the most difficult types of nonverbal communication to master the subtle meanings and to be able to catch micro-expressions.

Understanding facial expressions and their meaning is an important part of communication. Communication involves two or more people exchanging verbal and nonverbal cues to reach a point of shared.

Communication and facial expressions
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