Cold war cuba and latin america essay

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Cold War: Cuba and Latin America Essay

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Fidel Castro

This lesson will discuss Latin America and the Cold War. It will highlight Guatemala, Nicaragua, Cuba. It will also discuss the tensions between the US and the former Soviet Union. Because of the importance of the Cold War in Latin America and its impact on the totality of political, economic, social, and cultural developments, it may be possible to argue that essentially any book written about Latin America from the end of World War II to the late s might be considered Cold War history.

The Cold War, Latin America, and Cuban Pretensions as a Global Power Following the Cuban Revolution of and the Castro regime’s subsequent alliance with the Soviet Union, Cuba emerged to play a substantial global role in Cold War politics.

There were several motivations for United States policy in Latin America during the ’s and the ’s. Some of these motivations included the applying of the policy of containment in Latin American to stop the spread of communism. Latin America’. They comment that early relations with Washington Cuba and the Cold War – Cambridge University Press – History for the IB Diploma: The Cold War and the Americas – John Stanley Excerpt2 More information.

Throughout the s, the U.S.

The Cold War. Economic boom in America Essay

government strategy toward Latin America emphasized economic integration through free trade, the regulation of migration, and the war on drugs. But Cuba and El Salvador seemed to be the two Latin American countries where the Cold War lived on.

Cold war cuba and latin america essay
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