An analysis of murder and sexual abuse in natural born killers by oliver stone

Natural Born Killers

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The film titled ‘Natural Born Killers’ is based upon two fictional serial killers who go on a rampage, slaughtering their way across the south-west of United States and ultimately claiming fifty-two victims who are then made famous by the media.

Movie Analysis: Natural Born Killers Essay One of Oliver Stones masterpieces, Natural Born Killers, caused severe controversy due to the graphic, but sincere portrayal of how the media devilishly feeds on violence and how the people of the country respond to these glamorized acts of wrong doing.

Oliver Stone has always maintained that the film is a satire on how serial killers are adored by the media for their horrific actions, and that those who claim the violence in the movie itself is a cause of societal violence have missed the point of the movie entirely.

The message of Natural Born Killers is not that violence is engendered by the system or even that violence is inherent in the system, but that violence IS the system. In such a society where violence is the stock and trade, natural born killers rise to the top. Considered to be one of the most controversial films of the s, Natural Born Killers is a film by Oliver derives from a screenplay written by Quentin Tarantino (which itself was a rewrite of friend Roger Avary's script, The Open Road, elements of which also contributed to True Romance), who conceived it as a dark exploitation thriller (with elements of satire), but Stone.

Stone's film criticized such fame, and specifically, we have that ending montage to confirm that Natural Born Killers is intended, indeed, as social criticism.

Mickey and Mallory are rattlesnakes in Natural Born Killers, and they almost die while crossing a field of authentic rattlesnakes.

An analysis of murder and sexual abuse in natural born killers by oliver stone
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